Tonic Clonic Seizure

What is a tonic clonic seizure?

Tonic Clonic Seizure is known to be the most common type of seizure. In this type of seizure, the body suddenly becomes very hard and rigid due to muscular contractions. The affected person may become unconscious and fall down. He might even have a black out. The chest muscles start contracting and force air out of the mouth accompanied by heavy grunting. The law muscles contract which may lead to biting of the tongue. Basically the person has no control over your body. Saliva may start pouring out of the mouth and the person may start passing urine or stool.

Tonic Clonic Seizure

Soon after this phase the person moves into the shaking and convulsive phase where the muscles start contracting and relaxing. The whole body starts shaking.

Before getting an attack a person might get a warning from the body in forms of actions. These actions maybe odd sensations, movements, emotions etc. this is rare as most of the people do not get such warnings and the seizure affects them directly.

Why does a seizure occur?

A seizure can occur anytime and there is no particular reason as to why it occurs. People suffering from epilepsy say that there are some causes which may trigger seizures. The seizures can affect people of any age. These triggers are:

•    Heavy alcohol consumption

•    Excessive stress or anxiety

•    Lack of rest and sleep

•    High dosage medicines such as anti-depressant

•    Poor diet and mean timings.

•    Menstruation in ladies

Some people also keep a seizure diary. Thus they are able to identify and know when they will be attacked by a seizure. The seizure can affect just once, or may be happening at repeated intervals. T If a person maintains a healthy lifestyle with a proper diet, regular checkup, proper meals, and then it will definitely reduce the chances of being affected by seizures.

After the tonic clonic seizure a person may feel the following conditions:

•    Sleepiness which may last for 1 to 3 hours

•    Heaviness and headache.

•    Weakness in some particular parts of the body, or one particular part in general.

•    Confusion

Seizures can be classified into different types namely tonic, clonic, tonic clonic, myoclonic or absence. These seizures can only be classified after a clinical testing and clinical symptoms.

How to know the kind of seizure?

To know what kind of seizure you have been affected with, it is necessary to go to a doctor. After a proper physical examination, the doctor will give a concluded report of the brain and the nervous system.

The doctor might do an ECG to see the electrical activity in the has been notes that people having Tonic Clonic Seizure have abnormal electric activity in the brain. The tests might even show the areas in the brain where the activity has started from. Because poor life style can also cause seizures, a blood test may also be required to see if the person is health or not. If the doctor is not able to find anything from the ECG or the blood test, he might even go for a CT scan or a head MRI to know the exact cause and problem in the brain.

Treatment for tonic clonic seizures

The treatments for this kind of seizure may include medications and most importantly change in life style. In rare cases surgery is required. Some of the medical treatments for managing and treating tonic clonic seizures are:

•    Drugs: there are many drugs which are used for tonic clonic seizures. The drug should be specifically directed to the patient and to the syndrome which he or she is facing. The drugs should not be bought on the basis of kinds of seizures

•    Nerve stimulation: this kind of treatment s used for partial seizures only. Using these technique patients have felt a reduction in seizures.

•    Ketogenic Diet: the diet consists fat to cars ratio of 4:1 and is used for young patients. It has been observed that people who are on this diet have experienced less seizure. In this diet it is advised not to have excessive sports drink.